Introduction to Lean and Agile

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Lean and Agile are fast changing the world

because they deliver better results faster

The world around us has changed. IT services.have become part of most products and can no longer be separated. Meaning that all organizations need to become very good at delivering the software supporting their products and services. In a fast paced market.
Lean and agile have revolutionized how we build software and other. Self-organizing and empowered teams focus on creating value, closely aligned to business needs. We go for creativity and innovation, an engaged work-force, constructive team dynamics. 

In this one day course we introduce you to lean and agile thinking, with fun exercises to get a real feel of what this new world means. In addition, we will teach some techniques and do some exercises on helping teams become more self-governing. The training is also a great introduction to the rest of our training offer: Scrum training, Scrum Product Owner, and Leading SAFe.


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Karen De Boeck

Karen is a lean agile transformation coach, helping teams to become self-organizing, using Scrum, Kanban and Team Growing techniques.



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From 18/10/2018 09:00
To 18/10/2018 17:00


+32 (0)474 891 705

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