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Scrum is simple. But do not underestimate its strength!

Scrum is a lightweight framework that helps people, teams and organizations generate value through adaptive solutions for complex problems.

Scrum has three roles: team members, Scrum Master and Product Owner. Scrum Master and Product Owner are team members and have an additional, specific role.

The Product Owner is responsible for determining what is to be built, and for determining the value and the priority of the requirements. The P.O. is the voice of the customer in the team.

The Scrum Master is the servant leader of the team, encouraging the team to respect the Scrum ceremonies, challenging the Product Owner when needed, protecting the team of disruptive outside influence and helping remove impediments.

The Scrum Product Owner focuses on optimizing the value created by the team by thoroughly understanding what generates most value for the customer and by prioritizing work accordingly.

Our training pays a lot of attention to the empathy Product Owners need to show in order to understand what constitutes value for the customer. The Product Owner also needs to collaborate closely with the Scrum Master and the team and need people skills for this aspect too..

In addition, COVID has complicated life for agile teams, that in normal times rely on face to face contacts. Remote brainstorms in support of Design Thinking, interactive sessions on empathy maps and customer journeys, energizers during remote work: you will need to support your customer and your team remotely.. Our on-line training brings you examples of how to make product ownership works remotely.

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Become Certified Product Owner

About the Course

  • Ice breaker: getting to know the participants & the interactive presentation tool

  • Why do companies move to agile: the benefits

  • Scrum part 1: Origin, definition, role of DevTeam

  • Scrum part 2: 3 work products

  • (Not) Lost in translation: how Scrum requirements management avoids misunderstanding requirements

  • Happiness metric

  • Resource utilization trap

  • Scrum part 3: 5 events & 3 roles

  • User stories: INVEST

  • Story Mapping: Morning ritual exercise

  • Agile scan/Agile manifesto

  • Relative estimation

  • Retrospectives and retrospective worksheet

  • Prioritization of the backlog:DEEP

  • Empathy Map

  • Intro to Design Thinking

  • ...

More about the Certified Scrum Product Owner training..

In case you want to certify, make certain that you buy the option with the exam voucher included.

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Your trainer

Karen De Boeck is your enthusiastic coach and teacher, happy to set you on the way to more agility.

She has a focus on the servant leadership aspect of scrum master and loves to help people during their change to the agile way of thinking.



From 18/02/2021 09:00
To 19/02/2021 17:00


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