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Training Team Coach for

self-organizing teams

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Learn how to become a team coach

You have always wanted to help teams give the best of themselves, and become happier, better at collaborating, supporting each other when they hit a rough patch.

You will learn and experience how you can help your teams by creating the right environment, where people feel safe and connected and can perform well as a team.

Who should follow this training

Team coaching is a skill. You will need it as a coach, as a scrum master, but also as a manager.

The job requires experimentation, learning and improving, all the time. That is what makes it so exciting and interesting.The next challenge is behind the next corner, some new opportunity to sharpen your teeth some more.

The training provides you with an approach and a tool box. You can use and combine these tools to tackle most challenges you will encounter. And use the ideas behind them to experiment.
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About the training

The training consists of three modules of two days each (staying the night), about a month apart. This gives you time to practice what you have learned and talk about and exchange your experiences during the next module.

Each day consists of a series of workshops or coaching sessions, interlaced with little bits of theory. The training is profoundly experiential: you will live the training and feel what your team members will experience later, with you as their coach. It is probably an excellent idea to take a colleague, so that you can practice as buddies between the training sessions.

You can follow the training in any order, meaning you can enter at any date with any of the modules. 


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From 30/09/2021 09:00
To 01/10/2021 17:00


+32 (0)474 891 705

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