Scrumban Simulation

Trends in Agile transformations

Scrumban Simulation

Proposed by Sangeetha Sridhar
and by Koen Vastmans

Imagine this. You’re part of a team that has been implementing a product backlog for a while. You have your priorities well under control and you are able to deliver value iteration after iteration, which helped you bring a first version of your product to the market and delight your customers. 

But now that you also have a product to maintain, things are changing. Your iteration plans get cluttered with unplanned work. And what about events that impact you capacity or priorities?

If you want to learn how to deal with both planned and unplanned work in an iterative context, then this simulation is just for you. You will experience in a fun and safe environment how to apply Scrumban.

Koen Vastmans and Sangeetha Sridhar worked together as Agile coaches. While coaching operational/ maintenance teams we experienced that we needed something specific to learn teams how to deal with both planned and unplanned work. Explaining the concepts of Scrumban is one thing, but it is way better to have teams experience it in a fun and safe environment. Referring to several existing ideas, we created the Scrumban simulation.

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Koen Vastmans

After over 18 years of doing development and design in various contexts, but for the most part in Java I moved to a job as coach and trainer. Initially my focus was on training UML modeling, but after a year I got into coaching and training agile methodologies and techniques.
After 6 years of being an agile coach, the passion for technique started to burn harder again, so when I got the opportunity to be involved in cloud native development and DevOps, I didn't hesitate. For me it is the logical successor of agile coaching. Once an agilist, always an agilist, I guess.
Even though my main focus is not on the technology itself, but mostly on processes, I need to understand what is going on technically. And that combination is what really makes me come to work with a smile.

Practical Info

18/02/2020 20:30 (Europe/Brussels)
1 hour 30 minutes