The rational side

The rider represents the rational side of our behavior. The rider needs clarity and direction to make decisions and lead the elephant in the right direction. You can help the rider by following these three steps:

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Find the bright spots

In the mountain of information in front of you, find items that have a positive side, a true meaning or value, that can inspire. Ignore the True But Useless facts and do not focus on 'solving the big problem'. Instead, find the bright spots, the solutions that work, the people that manage best and have already moved along the path.


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Script the critical moves

Our analytical mind can be trapped. Present it with too many choices, and 'analysis paralysis' can set in. With too many choices, you may opt to do nothing.

Be specific. By scripting the critical moves, you allow the rider to make a decision and lead the elephant in the right direction.  


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Point to the destination

Use a destination postcard. That vivid image will help the rider decide between alternatives and it may appeal to your elephant as well. When rider and elephant want to reach the same destination, change is much easier.


Find the feeling

Shrink the change

Grow your people



Tweak the evironment

Build habits

Rally the herd