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Help teams grow and unleash their strength.

Team Work

Team work thrives when collaborators feel challenged and supported to give the best of themselves and encourage their team mates to do the same. When they periodically take time  to examine how to do better in the next period, together. When they feel safe to experiment.

When they feel safe, period.

We teach you how you can help the team by creating the right environment where people feel safe and connected and can perform well as a team.


Coaching teams is a job requiring professional skills. You know that, as a coach, as a scrum master, as a manager. 

The job requires experimentation, learning and improving, all the time. That is what makes it so exciting and interesting.The next challenge is behind the next corner, some new opportunity to sharpen your teeth some more.

The training provides you with an approach and a tool box. You can use and combine these tools to tackle most challenges you will encounter. And use the ideas behind them to experiment.

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We do not just give you a toolbox. We train together by performing the exercises in the group. We use the positive coaching on each other. You will not just learn what to do, but you will experience the power of the models and exercises and feel their effect during the training.You exchange experience with other trainees and try to solve some challenges together.

The training will change you view on the organization and on team work. Forever...

The modules

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The common elements

facilitation and coaching of teams (live and virtual)
the effect of positive coaching on team development
lean and agile thinking
take ownership and participate
practical exercises that help in continuous improvement and team learning
facilitation of team development, with team members in the lead
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Motivate the team

Take care of each other's needs. Do not deal with resistance, motivate!

  • ambivalence and resistance

  • motivational conversation

  • DISC personality styles: how to use them

  • change management: the elephant and the rider (Switch)

  • competence development and T-shape

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Develop the team

Learn to see the mechanisms and processes that help a team function better.

  • solution oriented coaching

  • work prioritization and value creation

  • 7 levels of delegation and delegation poker

  • stages in team development (Lencioni and Tuckman)

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Engage the team

Learn how to achieve engagement in your team. Vision, the strength of positive thinking, self-organization, all contribute to healthy teams.

  • know your coachees, from complaining visitor to customer

  • lean, agile, organization scan (right-shifting model Bob Marshall)

  • Broaden Build and positive experience

  • vision the Disney way

  • system thinking in the organization

  • the Job Demand/Resource model

  • the engagement thermometer

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How do you become a team coach?

To become team coach, you need to participate in the following training sessions:

  • Motivate the team: Two days

  • Develop the team: Two days

  • Engage the team: Two days

Between the sessions, we expect you to practice what you have learned and to discuss it at the next session. When you enter the team coach program, we will also give you support when you plan to use the material or when you meet unexpected obstacles.

After the six days of training, you can certify to become a Team Coach. If you are interested, please contact us.

Help your teams grow

Help them become stronger, more autonomous, creative, and above all, happier.