The power of dreams
Jürgen recently joined ADJUGO as senior agile coach. He kicks off with a podcast on the power of dreams!

Very warm welcome Jürgen Maus to the Adjugo team!

Thank you for joining the team with your great personality, and your deep passion and strong desire to co-create inspiring workplaces we all wish to our children. With your thorough expertise and human approach on how to get there, you make a real difference. To the benefit of individuals, teams and organisations. And their customers. Welcome to keep spreading these vibes, live your dreams, and help others lower the threshold to realise theirs!

Jürgen kicks off with a podcast with Chris Parker of Ebullient on how they approach teams and organizations. A human way to grow people, realize their ambitions and create impactful results. He is eager to show, coach, and train people and let them feel the impact of this way of working.

In this podcast, Jürgen and Chris will explore the questions below, and Jürgen will talk about the power of dreams. Dreams can be an amazing motivator. It can give you the needed energy to run for miles, overcome all obstacles, to make a big impact…however, lots of people suffer to unleash that energy.

What is needed to use this in your daily work?
How can it be used to connect people?
What are the missing steps to make a difference?
And what are the pitfalls to look out for?

Watch the Podcast on YouTube.

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