Help teams grow and embrace change

Achieve Learning Teams

Help teams become better at self-organization and handling change

The speed of change is forever increasing. We have set up organizations and structures based on the idea of stability and continuity. The change puts stress on the structures and on the people working in those structures. Change in traditional structures hurts people, increasing stress levels that have already been increasing for decades now. 

Dealing with change becomes key for organizations to survive, let alone be successful.

Strong teams, performing teams can cope with change. Team members support each other during the uncertainty of change, find best solutions, can adapt better and faster. Are happier. Bring out the strength in the team members. Self-organizing agile teams are key to success in a VUCA world: Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous. 

All agile approaches (Scrum, SAFe, Spotify ...) believe in and require multi-functional self-organizing teams and servant leadership, and agile practices do help teams to become better at self-organizing. But agile practices are not enough: people need to learn how to function in an agile team, have trust and overcome the resistance to the change implicit in lean and agile transformations. 

This is the core of what we want to achieve with Team Growing: provide the teams with the tools that will help them in becoming stronger , better able to cope with change. Growing teams so that they can embrace change. Change as a natural environment where curiosity and creativity give energy, not cause stress, provoke resistance, drain energy.

 Team Growing aims to build trust and confidence through vulnerability and transparancy, promotes creative differences in views through respect, focuses on team results for the customer instead of individual career paths.

ADJUGO offers Team Growing coaching, and Team Growing training so that team leaders can become team coaches, helping their team on its path to growth. 

And we apply our own beliefs to the training and coaching sessions. We go off-site, 3 times for two days and a night each, so we can experience what we learn, function as a growing team of coaches ourselves, during the training and between the session, and afterwards, when we support each other in becoming better team coaches.

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