Training Agile Product Management

Understand what constitues value for the customer and help make desirable and sustainable products...

Agile Product Management

Agile product ownership is a collaboration. With the agile team and the Scrum master. With many other stakeholders: business owners, architects, marketing and sales people, often with the customer.

The ultimate goal of Agile product Management is to understand the customers' problem or inconvenience, find the right solution, and then build a product or service that people desire and want to pay for.

A sustainable product for which you can provide all necessary services.

Training Agile Product Management

You want your Product Owners and Product Managers to evolve and start using modern practices of Agile Product Management. The Scrum Product Owner training has laid a nice foundation and explained the role of the P.O. in the Scrum team, but as a Product Owner you want to master Agile Product Management, empathize with the customer, make hypotheses and test them, understand what an MVP is, use it all to provide more value to the customers.

Our proposal is to organize an in-company training program for you. We like to do it as a set of 4 to 6 half-day workshops, where we elaborate a couple of techniques. We like hands-on workshops, with real-life examples and collaboration. And we like to define the program with you, so that you can benefit maximally.

SAFe Training Agile Product Management

The SAFe training for Agile Product and Solution management is a three day course, that addresses all the topics of Agile Product Management as described above, embedded in the SAFe-framework. 

This is an official SAFe-training, leading to the certificiation as SAFe APM. ADJUGO periodically organizes it as public training, and can also offer it for in-company training.

Improve your agile product management skills.

Agile is not just a new way of working, it is also a new way of creating value for your customer. Learn how to adopt modern practices of product management.